NWSA English 3


November 2015

AP Homework over Thanksgiving break


Virginia Woolf Women and Fiction

Also, read “Professions for Women” page 356 in your Language of Composition book


Research Activity

Research Exercise:
Find THREE valuable sources for each topic.

Topic 1: Overmedicating teens and children in America

Topic 2: Fuel alternatives for the future

Topic 3: War on terrorism and racial profiling

Topic 4: Stay at home parents vs. working parents

Topic 5: Youth voting in America

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The Crucible Study Guide Honors Test (11/9)

The Crucible Test Study Guide

Know the following characters…who they are, what their actions are in the play, what their motivations are, and/or what they are accused of

John Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor

Mary Warren


Giles Corey

Thomas Putnam

Rebecca Nurse

Reverend Parris

Reverend John Hale


Terms to know and be able to give an example of in the play:






Internal conflict

External conflict

In addition:

Be familiar with the events that occur in Acts I-IV

Understand the basic beliefs and lifestyle of the Puritans

Understand how the McCarthy hearings we

The Crucible Study Guide AP

Why I Wrote The Crucible

AP Crucible Study Guide

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