NWSA English 3


December 2015

TED TALK: “How to Overcome our Biases? Walk Boldly Toward them” (2014) Speaker: Verna Myers

TED Talks Presentations:

You will need to make sure you include the following:

  • Title and Speaker
  • Summary, and any specific quotations you found to be interesting or insightful
  • Analyze it Rhetorically: What is the speaker’s purpose? How does s/he achieve this purpose? Is s/he successful?

Graduation Paper Presentation-Notecards

Graduation Paper Research Week Strahan

Research Exercise

Research Exercise:

Find two sources per topic. Use your databases provided on the NWSA Media Center website.

Topic 1: Overmedicating teens and children in America

Topic 2: Fuel alternatives for the future

Topic 3: War on terrorism and racial profiling

Topic 4: Stay at home parents vs. working parents

Topic 5: Youth voting in America

Graduation Paper

Graduation Research Packet 2015-2016

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