NWSA English 3


January 2016

ACT Prep Jan 21 Answers

  1. A
  2. H
  3. D
  4. H
  5. C
  6. G
  7. C
  8. F
  9. D
  10. J
  11. A
  12. J
  13. A
  14. G
  15. C

Paper Outline Template

outline template<- Click Here

Research Paper Self Evaluation & CMS Graduation Manual-Rubric on page 34


January 6th/8th Homework and Activity

Group Work Assignment and Homework January 6

American Romanticism (1800-1855) *This will be on your midterm!*

Discussion/ Classwork January 4-8

American Romanticism Answered Guided Reading Notes

American Romanticism Guided Reading Notes

Manifest Destiny Homework Due January 6th

Research¬†“manifest destiny”: origin of the term, ways in which the concept was debated, and its political impact. Write a paragraph describing your findings.

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