NWSA English 3


March 2016

Warm-Ups-Make up

Please send these to me by Friday March 31st. March 15 Warm-Up March 10 Warm Up March 8 and 9 Warm Up March 7th Warm Up March 3rd Warm Up ACT WARM UP Feb 25 ACT Warm up Feb 22 SAT Warm Up Feb 16 SAT Warm up Feb 11 SAT Warm up Feb 9 Feb 5 Warm Up 2 Feb 5 Warm Up SAT Warm up Feb 3

Warm Up for Monday March 21 and Tuesday March 22: Create and write down two questions you have about Chapter 8 in The Scarlet Letter.

Warm Up for Wednesday March 23 : Give examples of rhetorical devices (and explain) found in  Chapter 8. You may not include allusions as we already discussed these last class.


Here are a few reminders about your paper:

A few reminders for your graduation paper

Survey during Registration

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